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yeah what is this?

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OK for you guys in the area, I love in Newport News and I dont know much about our motors but I am suddenly going too. For some reason, 4 days ago my car decides out of the blue to act funny. When I am in park, or in drive at a light or stopped my idle will dip down like it wants to cut off, and then back up. THen 2 days ago the check engine light comes on and I am still yet to find anything. Read a couple things to get ideas, but then today while having the car running I tugged on this what i thought was a hose, and the car was effected by it everytime I moved it slightly (moving up made it idle higher, and letting go made it alomost cut off) Nothing else effected it so I think it made be electrical. But i am still unsure, I would really love to get some opionins other than someone trying to sell me something. Let me know what you guys think or if you want to see and hear it, I am free tomorrow and Monday!! Thanks for all the help.

Chris~ :(
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It wasnt a hose, it was a bunch of wires that wrapped around the motor to the IAC/AAC.
do you have a multimeter? if so i would check for a short in there somewhere. it sounds like it might be shorting? thats my idea anyways
what's your check engine light for? You can look up the instructions on how to read the codes on But that might give you a better direction. With that idle issue, also might want to do a tune up if you haven't done one recently (plugs, wires, cap, filter)
could be your mass air flow meter. the plug could be loose or the unit may be bad
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