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yes I searched!

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check out my last post for clarification! what motor is the cheapest/easiest to swap in to a 96 200sx? I have read a few contradicting responses when I searched. I thought certain late model primera's were lowport and that all you had to do was switch over intake manifold and exh manifold. Let me know approximate prices also.

Richard Casillas
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Probably a GA16. I imagine that would be cheapest by far (I bet you could just about get one for free) and should be easy as they came with them stock.

Cheapest engine????

:confused: Maybe this would be a little redundant but why would you go down to a 1.6? I'd be willing to be that you could find an SR20DE from these places for a good price:
But, is it a 200sx SE-R? If not, he already has a 1.6... doesn't he?

Peace Out,

P.S. Do a search under Soko on the forum. Lots of people here have gotten great prices for a great engine
vladha said:
P.S. Do a search under SoHo on the forum. Lots of people here have gotten great prices for a great engine
let me clarify. sr20 motor that bolts in the easiest to the lowport 200sx with the least amount of modification of sensors etc., such as a certain year primera, bluebird, or whatever.
P10 PRIMERA SR20DE 53J 40-60k mi $375.00 6 Month 0/15 Champagne
P10E PRIMERA SR20DE 53J$600.00 6 Month Yes 0/-1 09/90~04/93 Red/Black
P10E PRIMERA GT SR20DE 89J EGR & Tubular Exhaust Manifold $1,000.00
P11 PRIMEAR SR20DE Silver 2J2 $750.00 6mo/6k Yes 0/0
P11 PRIMERA SR20DE Black 2J2 $750.00 6mo/6k 0/0
P11 PRIMERA SR20VE Black 1N5 $2,200.00 Startup Picture 0/0
P11E PRIMERA SR20DE $1,300.00 0/0

is there better prices than this and which of these if any is the easiest to bolt in? will they have smog equip or not and any info like that.

Richard Casillas
See less See more don't even have the engine yet? might want to start parting out. Read my new PM why...
WHy you tripping about me not having the motor I am picking one up today I already talked to the guys a NEO tech imports and they have a few different ones. I already have my old motor out of the car. THats cool don't try to make it sound all bad I just have to get a different motor than I thought if I want to be able to smog the car.

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