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HERES THE PAGE. It took my PC a good 5 minutes to download. Im not trying to steal skyliners thunder.

The car you see here is the product of 2 1/2 years of mostly do-it-yourself weekend work. The ground-up rebuild (inc. SR20DET conversion) commenced in December 1994, with engineering approval and registration in May 1997. The car has been on the road for four years now, with no problems to report (apart from a couple of broken CV joints and a tendency to wear out rear tyres.....)

The main aim of this project was to find a car which was already a good engineering package in standard form, then apply some modern factory technology to make it even better. With easy interchangeability of suspension and braking components between models and a stack of Nissan’s late model high performance EFI engines now readily available from local Japanese importers, the Datsun 1600 is the logical choice for budding ‘backyard engineers’ like myself.

Comparing the money I have spent building this car with buying something new on today’s market, I would probably only be able to get a Hyundai Excel with a set of wheels......... I know what I’d rather have!

This is 1600 number 3 for me, here is a short history of my other cars:

1600 number 1 was a 1970 sedan fitted with a stroked L20B 2.4L, forged pistons, 76 degree cam, twin 48 DCOE Webers, 2 1/4 exhaust etc. This was a fun car to thrash around at high revs, but not really suited to city traffic. I ended up selling this car because it was too loud, too rough, too thirsty and not the sort of car you'd take your girlfriend out for a 'quiet' Sunday picnic in (well not in her opinion anyway.......)

After 4 years of making power the good old-fashioned way, I replaced 1600 number 1 with a smooth, quiet but EXTREMELY BORING luxury Ford family sedan. I offloaded the Ford 8 months later and the girl shortly after.

I sold 1600 number 2 in late 1999, it was a stock white 1971 wagon.

I recently completed 1600 number 4 which is a good original 1971 wagon. It looks very original on the outside, but currently runs a CA18DE and 5 speed. The CA was only a temporary measure though, the wagon is currently undergoing an SR20DET transplant too!

I hope you enjoy my website, it will be updated as I update the car(s).

Jeff Shoesmith
Sydney, Australia

Last updated 2 May 2001

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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