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I've let too much stuff fall into the "I'll do it later" category. My poor car is now needing lots of work. It appears now I need to put on a new valve cover gasket. There is all kinds of oil around it appears its leaking out there. So if I do that better either clean out those oiling tubes or maybe replace them with the upgraded ones since I do drive an automatic. Then I still have a totaly thrashed rear motor mount. My belts are on their last legs I think. They started squeeling like hell last night in the dead cold. My oil pan still has an orange sized dent in the front of it. And appears the seal down there is somewhat leaking. Its always been a little wet down there tho. And my inner splash guard on the passenger side has all but totaly fell apart now. Both foglights are cracked, one has a chunk missing. Getting close to big tune up time tho, 146k on it right now I think. Was thinking about a big tune up at 160 maybe 150. Oh what fun, and its COLD. So looks like time to sink a big ammount of money in to the car. Maybe in a month or two, want to get it done before the convention tho.

So how hard is a valve cover gasket? Everything else I have helped do. Do you have to brace the engine in any way when you remove the crossmember? Or will the other two hold it in place long enough to put the insert the rear mount? Well enough of me bitching.

Thats my opinion and I could be wrong

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">So how hard is a valve cover gasket</font>
Piece of cake. Remove valve cover, remove rubber gaskets, clean off grey nissan sealant, replace gaskets, add a little grey sealant, replace and tighten.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Do you have to brace the engine in any way when you remove the crossmember? </font>
I don't know if you HAVE to, but I do. I support the oil pan with a big flat piece of wood on a jack and the tranny (I have a manual) with just a jack. Jack up the car, get the jacks ready to support the engine, then raise the jacks just until you see the engine just start to rise.
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