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ok, I donno much about about the Fly Wheels in cars but I am definitely interested
Those of you who know about this or who bought it, how did you install it? Did you install it by yourself or have the mechanic install it for you. If the job is required by a mechanic, what kind of place do you recommend? I live in Indianapolis.
And what about the other stuff like Cams? Do I need to upgrade that too when I upgrade the Fly Wheel?

And How can you tell if the clutch is starting to wear out(to the point when losing performance)? Sorry I ask too much.

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Cams and Flywheels are completely different ball games. Cams change how your engine breaths and flywheels affect how it accelerates. The lighter flywheels are easier to get going, less centrifugal weight.
Changing a the flywheel and clutch are litterally the same thing. I changed my clutch and I didn't think it was that big of a deal. We took our time, and it was a weekend job (1 day was turning the flywheel in to get to a mechanic it resurfaced). I was estimated $300 for labor. I called just to find out. When changing the flywheel or clutch nothing else is required to change. It is a good idea to change the flywheel and clutch at the same time if you've been driving on that clutch for a long time.
As far as wearing signs are concerned then I'd say:
  • when you get on it and your tach takes off faster than you do.
  • if when you shift your tach doesn't go straight to the correct rpms. It kinda hovers about it then goes to it.
  • the final kicker for me was when speed control tried to accelerate the car and all it did was wind up the tach. HAHA!
those are the basic signs that I noticed when mine was going out. I just slowly noticed it not holding like it used to. The more advanced members can give you better symptoms. Hope I helped.

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flywheel....good for

faster acceleration
lighter rotating mass
faster revs
some cases, faster deceleration


revs drop quicker
easier to stall engine

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Thanks all.. for the reply. some good tips I get in this forum.

and Toddles82, yes.. you were very helpful. thanks! That's what I needed to know.. ;-)
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